The Definitive Ranking of Who You Should Know at Pine Villa through Mean Girls Quotes


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“I Got 99 Problems, but School Fighting Ain’t 1. Hit Me!”

Dear Attendance and Behavior Coordinators,

Congratulations and welcome to City Year. As you’re either over ‘Attendance’ or ‘Behavior’, there are a few things that you need to know before working at Pine Villa or Cutler Ridge…


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7 Ways To Keep Your Team (And Yourself) Happy

The Expectation:


The Reality:


Hey, you. Congrats on your position as Trust & Joy. You’ll soon realize that it is one of the most important coordinator positions. That is a lot of pressure! Before you continue reading, just remember you are NOT expected to be TRUSTING AND JOYFUL 24/7. You are told to be the “Heartbeat of The Team”, but I am telling you now, it’s not human nature to just be a ray-of-sunshine all the time!

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