The Definitive Ranking of Who You Should Know at Pine Villa through Mean Girls Quotes


As I’m sure you already know, Pine Villa is a small school, with small students, and (most importantly) a small administration.

That being said who do you need to know… EVERYBODY!!  Just Kidding.

15. Miami Strives (AmeriCorps)


There’s another AmeriCorps program here called Miami Strives… #awkward. As they may have a spot in your classroom, you want to make sure that you are still able to complete your responsibilities of differentiated instruction.

14. Mrs. Jackson (Reading Coach)


We didn’t get a chance to work with Mrs. Jackson as she was 8-months pregnant our first month of school, but she is a great person to have on your side. As the Reading Coach, ELA corps members will be meeting with her and their teacher during common planning. If you can’t make the meeting, try to stay in the loop through e-mail. And ask about her daughter, London!

13. Ms. Daniels (Science Coach)


Ms. Daniels is in charge of the Science curriculum, but often spearheads events and initiatives for teachers and students. Make sure to utilize her for communicating with other teachers. Also, find out ways you can help her with events, especially during Teachers Appreciation Week.

12. Ms. Felicia Broadnex (Reading Interventionist)


Or Ms. B is the Lead Interventionist for ELA so you will often be talking with her to get material. We brought her on two City Year field trips to chaperone (the Coast Guard and Marlins Game). We loved her company!

Then there’s the two ladies at the front:

11. Mrs. Simpson (Community Specialist)


As Mrs. Simpson is always at the front of the main office, you will have to go to her quite often. Make sure you are on her good side.

10. Mrs. Pride (Registrar)


She’s the one the PM or Attendance Coordinator should go to for attendance data. She’s is great for small talk.

You never want to forget your Security and Custodial staff.  They’re amazing!! 

9. Mr. Dorsett (Custodian)

“Oh my god, Danny DeVito! I love your work!”


Dorsett is the head custodian during the day. He’s cool but my favorite is…

8. Mr. Gilliard (Custodian)


Or Tony to me. He’s there in the afternoon and he’ll always give you a good laugh.

7. Mr. Little John (Security)


Or LJ. Make sure to always shout him a little hello and get to know him. He’ll always have your back.

6. Mr. Bennett (Head of Security + Everything Else)


Head of security during the day and custodian at night. He’s also the basketball coach and mentor to the students. During Thanksgiving, he holds the Turkey Bowl which is a football game between classes. Last year was kindergarden. If you can help with this event by coaching, making cheers with (kindergarden/*grade) girls, banners, music, or other games and activities, you will win him over.

5. Cafeteria Staff


Always a good group of people to know. Unfortunately we never developed a relationship with them, but they’re very nice. I would highly recommend doing an appreciation event for them and In-Kinding food or gifts as they’re often forgotten about.

Now your biggest advocates at this school are definitely your administration:

4. Mrs. dela Pena (Principal)


She left December 2013 on maternity leave. If she ends up coming back, welcome her with a baby gift for a 6-12 months old.

3. Mrs. Lee (Principal)


Mrs. Lee replaced Mrs. dela Pena and was able to transition greatly! You can count on her for anything.

2. Mrs. Woods (Assistant Princiapl)


She’s the HBIC.

These three ladies love City Year and are always willing to help out as much as possible. Now they will ask you to do things for them and it’s OK to tell them no… but gently.  The best way to do this is to say, “Let me check in with my Program Manager (or Team Leader) and see if this is OK.”

1. Mrs. Singh (Math Coach)


My all time important person I’d suggest you get to know is the Math Coach. There are no words to describe her.  This past year was her first time interacting with City Year and she always had nothing but good things to say about us.  She ended up getting on camera during our #makebetterhappen school shoot and CY Headquarters used her footage at their 25th Anniversary Summit in Boston!

There’s always more people, but we’ll let you decide your “Who’s Who” at Pine Villa and who you’d like to get to know.


BY: Amanda Calderon, Frederick Montgomery



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