“I Got 99 Problems, but School Fighting Ain’t 1. Hit Me!”

Dear Attendance and Behavior Coordinators,

Congratulations and welcome to City Year. As you’re either over ‘Attendance’ or ‘Behavior’, there are a few things that you need to know before working at Pine Villa or Cutler Ridge…


First, in an elementary school, attendance isn’t as much of a problem.

In fact, it has been over 90%. However, attendance initiatives are still encouraged. During our corps year, we primarily focused on morning greeting and phone calls home to parents whenever students on our focus list missed school.


If you aren’t familiar with it already, morning greeting is something City Year incorporates to get students ready and excited about the school day. For morning greeting, you can essentially do anything. Every week, our team had a set schedule of different things activities each morning.

At Pine Villa, behavior is more of a problem, but the school has many incentives in place for students including field trips.


Our year, we primarily focused on behavior on a smaller level: classroom, during interventions, lunch mentoring, and our Starfish program.

One thing you might want to do is Student of the Month or Student of the Week. It was something the school always said they were going to do but it never got off the ground. I recommend that if you don’t take charge of it, push administration to make it happen.

Also, food (especially Takis and Hot Cheetos) are your best friends. Well, the students’ best friends.


If possible, you can use food as incentives but make the kids work for it. If you are interested in doing something bigger, make sure you plan with administration early on.

Good luck,

Elektra Burgos



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