7 Ways To Keep Your Team (And Yourself) Happy

The Expectation:


The Reality:


Hey, you. Congrats on your position as Trust & Joy. You’ll soon realize that it is one of the most important coordinator positions. That is a lot of pressure! Before you continue reading, just remember you are NOT expected to be TRUSTING AND JOYFUL 24/7. You are told to be the “Heartbeat of The Team”, but I am telling you now, it’s not human nature to just be a ray-of-sunshine all the time!

1. Get to know your team/administration


Getting to know someone is so important in a job like this. You are working 1700 hours together, you need to be able to relate in some shape or form.
Your team may seem awkward or closed off at first, but I promise you will feel like a family by the end of service. You just need to make it work. That applies to administration as well!
In the beginning of the year I gave the faculty and staff a survey to fill out on purely what makes them happy. The survey featured questions such as: comfort food, coffee or tea, birthday, etc… It will come in handy when it is teacher appreciation week!
2. Be open, and friendly.
If you are chosen for Trust and Joy I am assuming you are a non judgmental person and hopefully a people-person.
Well! The best part about being Trust and Joy is that your job is literally to make close friends with your team! individually, and as a whole. To try your best to bring a light to the team. My favorite is to have one-on-one conversations with teammates and make sure that they are feeling alright.
(And when someone is just too upset, remind them that -SPOILER ALERT- nothing can be worse than when Damon died in The Vampire Diaries)
3. Listen more, than talk.
When someone comes up to you to vent (which they will) just listen. Pace when you are going to talk and watch what you say. Make everyone feel you can be their “person”.  Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy? Watch Cristina and Meredith’s friendship.
4. Team Building Activity Ideas:
On my team, we were all asked to think of a Team Builder in the beginning of the year.
Two we enjoyed is The Newlywed game which you pair up with a fellow corps member and spend the day getting to know them. Later, you both take a game show-style quiz to see who knows each other best. And another team builder is King or Queen for a day. This is ore effective later in the year when you get to know each other better. When you notice someone is struggling, choose them to be either king or queen for the day. What that means is to sit them in the middle of all of you forming some sort of circle. Each person goes around telling them why they love him or her. While they stay silent and just listen.
5. Birthdays!
Birthday celebrations are the most fun, stressful but fun. Do not feel like you need to bake a fancy cake from scratch and buy some expensive gift. Just remember to make the day special!
I was not a Susie homemaker. If you have someone on your team who is, team up with them for certain celebrations! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need ideas Pinterest will become your new best friend.
6. Appreciations!
Make sure you tell at least one person a day how much you appreciate them! You can either say it during Circle, or one on one. My team and I had set up mail boxes where we wrote little notes to each other everyday about why we love them! I know it sounds obnoxious but it really does make you feel good. If no one is writing them. You should be the one to initiate them!
7. Team Outings!
Go out with your team! I recommend dinner or a movie. I know the last thing anyone wants to do after a 50 hour week is go out with your co-workers but it’s always good once in a while. The closer you guys are the more you can get accomplished.
If you need a day or two to be upset, or just need to be alone. Take that time for yourself. Loving and caring about others is important, but draining. Don’t forget that loving yourself comes first, always.
With love,
Miss Jenny Dunn

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