Top 6 Tips Every Math Coordinator Should Follow

Hey you! Congratulations on being chosen as the Math Coordinator! It is one of the most satisfying coordinator roles, simply because you’ll be helping kids learn in a fun and exciting way! With these tips, you’ll be sure to rock it! Now…

Tip #1 Start planning early! 

The earlier you start, the more activities you can do for the kids. My first math event was Jeopardy! in October. My second one was Math Bingo in November. My third one was Amazing Math Race in February. Lastly, my fourth one was Minute to Win It Math in March. I planned for these events and consulted with my program manager as soon as the school year started. By planning early, I was able to strategically have the events at just the right time every month and I was able to start thinking about materials I would need (CY has a small budget!).

Tip #2 Ask the principal for permission for all of your events at the start of the year!

Just ask! Principals have an open door policy and if you go in their office with all of your events planned out, they’ll be more likely to say yes! The big advantages about asking for permission for all of your events are that you don’t have to keep going back and asking (they’re very busy) and it shows your full dedication to the school community by following through of what you want to accomplish for the school year!

Tip #3 Be besties with the Math Coach!

The math coach is to the math coordinator as LeBron James is to Dwyane Wade (GO HEAT! #THREE-PEAT)! The math coach is responsible for the lesson plans that your D.I. (Differentiated Instruction) group needs. They are the person that decides what lessons you need to repeat or start based on assessments the students have taken and how the students have scored on them. They are also the person who can serve as a valuable resource for all of the math questions included in your events. I had a really good relationship with the math coach and she was very open to helping me come up with questions for my events. These questions coincided with the benchmarks that the kids have already learned. So, make sure to get to know your math coach and build a strong relationship!

Tip #4 Get your team involved!

PITW #13 (Bing!) Every important task gets a team. One important characteristic of being a math coordinator is knowing how to delegate! You don’t have to do everything by yourself! Planning an event is a lot of work. I started off the year expecting a lot from everybody, but I soon realized that not everybody learns the same and not everybody was as excited about math as I was. That’s completely okay! Just make sure to inspire everybody with the common purpose that your service year is all about the kids! My most successful math event was when my whole team was completely involved in everything from the start and when they saw the fruition of their hard work by how the kids came out of the event smiling.

Tip #5 Do all of your events during the students’ specials.

Having events during the school day is such a convenience. The kids are all there, so they have no other option but to come! Specials consist of Art, Music, and P.E. I would recommend having your events on days that the kids have either Art or Music. The kids absolutely hated missing P.E. and we had several behavioral problems throughout the year because of it. P.E. is the only time that the kids can run around and let some energy out, so please try really hard not to take that time away from them!

Tip #6 The most quintessential tip of them all… have fun!

I don’t know how else to say it! 🙂


Ms. dC ❤


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