7 Simple Hacks to Get Your Students to Love Reading


Hi Pine Villains,

As the Literacy Coordinater, it’s your job to keep track of any literary events and priorities the school tries to promote. Here are 7 tips that can help you get you started.



1. Find out, as early as possible, if there are themes for different weeks on the school calendar.

2. Literacy Week is in January! Plan for that and Dr Seuss Week.

3. The school’s annual Book Fair will probably be during Literacy Week. Plan CY events as early in the year as possible to be in conjunction with this event.

4. Just like with lesson, include as many details as possible. You can do things like a Spelling Bee, or watch movies of things you read with the students.

5. You could do events such as “Milk & Bookies,” where you choose students to give milk and cookies, and have them put a note in their favorite books for the next reader.

6. You can do “Reading Under the Stars,” which the school put on this last year. They set up tents in the library, had marshmallows, and invited students and parents. The parents read books to the kids in the tents, and took the books home at the end of the day.

7. And last, try to encourage your team to read to the students before and during school. We sometimes read to students before school, and the teachers said that those students were the most ready for the day.


I find that the kids sometimes get the most out of activities when things move just fast enough that students have a bit of trouble keeping up.

Whatever happens, don’t expect things to go perfectly, you’ll just frustrate yourself. Stay relaxed, get to know your students, and have fun with it.


By: Charles Acheson


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