6 Tips to #makebetterhappen via Social Media

Dear Amazing Corps Member,

OMG! You’ve been given the honor of handling the online presence for your team. This is no easy task, but follow my tips and you’ll get like a ton of new followers.


1. One Tweet a Day Keeps the Doctors Away


As the Media Coordinator you will need to rally your team to utilize Twitter and make your school’s presence known. You should never miss a week without tweeting #makebetterhappen and should do this at least 3 times a week.

Be sure to interact with Saif, CY Miami, and other CY sites and corps members frequently.

2. Let Me Take a #SELFIE #Flickr


Set up a Flickr!

You will thank me when you need to pull photos from a certain event, or want to revisit memories from earlier in the year. The key is to make sure your team is uploading photos to Flickr often so push for habit. Flickr Fridays, anyone? You can even upload photos easily from your iPhone! Whatever works for your team.

3. FutureApps/LoveBlogs


The same way Timberlake&Timberland brought us innovative beats, you too can set yourself apart by exploring new social ventures. There’s plenty of options in the social media realm including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, etc…

Also, the entire corps and staff are all now using Google so it may be a good idea to utilize the Google+ network (& make that cool).

Whatever you choose, stay consistent!

4. Coordinate at Coordinator Meetings


There’s so many ways to mobilize our corps with fresh ideas. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond and use the other media coordinators for support.

For my corps year, I created an Interactive Map of all City Year school partnerships in Miami-Dade. Collecting data from every media coordinator, I assumed I would get info quickly from all involved. In reality only half would e-mail their school info, even though little was required (i.e. school mascot, corps members, picture, and twitter).

If you do decide to do a project, try to form a small team 2-4 who are interested in seeing your idea carried out fully and be sure to utilize staff. This tip is applicable for any coordinator position.

5. Thnks fr th Blg Mmrs


My corps year, I used Tumblr which was a great platform to post happenings at our school and document our service. It was also a great medium to tell others about City Year.

WordPress or Blogger are both excellent alternatives to explore (and probably more professional) if you’re not into the whole Tumblr thing. Each platform is easy to use and offers a free basic service! #StipendFriendly

6: Use City Year for Personal Branding


It’s never too early to start thinking about LACY, right?

As your information is easily available with the stroke of a few keys, be sure to make it count. Have fun with your social media, but be classy. When employers are ‘googling’ your name, I’m sure they’ll enjoy reading those inspirational #makebetterhappen tweets.

And remember to follow the social media guidelines of your site. The only fired that should be taking place is when you’re fired up for morning greeting!

So. Those are my tips!


I hope you enjoyed and thanks for your commitment to #makebetterhappen.

By: Freddie Montgomery

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